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How to play.

From the rules:
The object of Fishing Camp - To be the first person to travel from the docks, catch a fish or multiple fish, and get back to the docks with their catch.

Fishing Camp is a roll-and-move fishing trivia game in which player move along a track trying to catch a fish before reaching the home space. All player start out at the dock with a fishing boat playing piece. They choose a level of difficulty from 1 to 4 for their questions. This is a way to handicap the game. Older or more experienced fishermen should choose a higher number.

Each player in turn rolls the die and moves along a track marked with lily pads. Green lily pads are safe spots. On a yellow (or orange) lily pad, the player must choose a question card and answer a fishing trivia question at their level. A decoder (transparent red plastic) is used to reveal the answer. If the answer is correct, the player rolls and moves again. If the card depicts a fish, the player keeps it and has now made a catch. If the card says so, the player may take the GPS card (of which there is only one), which may allow him or her to take a shortcut along the path. Purple cards may move the player to "Shore Lunch Island" or other locations, possibly delaying him or her. The first player to move completely around the track and reach a "Home" space with at least one caught fish wins the game. However, if a player finished without a fish, he or she may move immediately to "Last Chance Launch" and move toward the home space from there, attempting to catch a fish along the way.

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